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Sentence: Dedicated Roll-On & Roll-Off vehicle spedition
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Specification of RORO service


RORO means Roll-On / Roll-Off ship transport. Vehicles are driving on board and off the board, hence they need to be in an operational state. It ensures economical and ecological shipping of vehicles.


RoRo can be used to transport heavy duty machines and cars capable of being pulled onboard or driven themselves. Each vehicle has a designated area, which is carefully secured to prevent any damage happening and ensuring secure journey. Advantages over classic container transport are shorter loading and unloading times, which means quicker delivery and more reliable deadlines.


Vehicles transported by us are treated with the greatest care and respect. We would gladly provide all services related to road and sea transport: arrange pick up, loading and even delivering it directly to specified address. We would also take care of all documents, formalities and customs clearance. The services cover full range of requirements: from consultancy to implementation.


Sea transport from Hamburg and Gdynia to everywhere.


From our designated ports in Gdynia and Hamburg we send the goods to Africa, America, Asia and all ports worldwide, in an example Tunisia, Kenya, Turkey and Austria. Our offer supplies with classic cars import assistance, regular supply of chosen car and any type of special purpose vehicle, even caterpillars! As our client you need not to bother with procedures, formalities and planning - we will take care of this.


Take advantage with our offer right now! Contact us and we will gladly provide with all necessary information you may need, consultancy and professional service.


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