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ETG Eurotrading Poland Limited Company

Transporting goods around the world


Since ETG Eurotrading has been defined in 2010, it collected extensive experience in terms of international spedition with usage of containers. They are suitable to move expensive goods, such as luxury cars, and also vulnerable stock, which is in an example food with it's temperature requirements. Containers are used in an intermodal transport, because the environment matters. Making sure air, sea and land transports are available, one ensures every type of good makes it's way to any destination. Most popular directions are EMEA and South America, however no place is out of an option.


Our services


⦁ delivering empty containers in given time and place

⦁ loading stock on the request

⦁ optimized space managment

⦁ dealing with formalities

⦁ insurance

⦁ tracking system of containers

⦁ customs clearance

⦁ flexibility towards specific requirements




It is always a fine idea to better be safe than sorry. Services provided by us are professional and cautious. Years of multinational experience have thought the ways to properly take care of our clients business. Various languages are spoken: English, German and Spanish, Persian, Russian, Georgian. Life made easier.


Passionate about luxury cars


Throughout time spent on dealing with luxury cars it became clearly proper passion of ETG Eurotrading Poland. Services of researching, purchasing and importing classic, luxury and rare cars are provided. Transported via containers and Roll-On / Roll - Off methods are trucks, machines and cars. Doors to doors delivery system, customs clearance, dealing with the formalities and overall car maintenance services are also applicable.


Mobile and worldwide


Offices in Poland, Germany and United States of America. We are proud of provided services and their quality. Whatever are your needs, requirements and demands, they always will be our priority!




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