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Transport morski na miarę Twoich potrzeb


Sea spedition of all types of goods

We do transport all kinds of stock: food, textiles, raw materials and other things, packed in barrels, cartons, pallets. Quickly decomposing materials, dangerous and grand-weight are not an issue to us. We are owners of all necessary licences; also gaining local permits is within our reach.

Long lasting relationships with customs agencies and gained experience allows us to quickly perform any formalities required when transporting your goods.

Professional and safe loading is performed by our employees in Hamburg warehouse. We ensure optimal volume managment of stock in container and relevant security measures.

Independently of what and where is freighted, ETG Eurotrading Polska is your best choice and partner in intermodal transport.


Help is provided to people moving abroad; all your personal items may be transported. In such condition container is fitted with additional security measures and sealed prior to sending. Full documentation must be prepared extraordinarly accurately. This is why there is such an unexpressionable need for experienced freighters, such as ourselves, which will support the whole relocation process.


Loading and transporting containers with your personal belongings is serious task. Our role is to secure furniture, books and other things in a safe and capable way. Independently of distance covered, goods must arrive intact. ETG Eurotrading Polska has a "know how" to do such things.


Although we mainly focus on containers, we also allow our customers to choose from air or land transport. Nevertheless of spedition type we do our best to be appreciated by our clients. Issueless, secure and reliable transport is a real challenge. Thanks to that, our group of satisfied clients is constantly growing.

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